If you're reading this we're bffs now



Hi so idk why the arabic version and the english version of this site is COMPLETELY different but i finally decided to post an introduction since i need like-minded friends (in english bc it feels more comfortable to me)
the title isn’t a scam, we really are bffs now sorry i don’t make the rules

Name: Aml
Age: turning 24 in september
Occupation: pharmacist
City: not in cairo nor alex but it’s a city by the sea
Identity: female
Religion: not religious but still won’t get myself into trouble (it’s a secret)

Sexuality: i don’t have experience to decide BUT i’d say i’m a bisexual who leans more towards girls(?) idk my preferences in men are very very specific lmao

looking for: hmmm i never really tried to come out or look for friends in the arab lqbtq+ community, i’ve always been scared, but i’m kinda trying to get over that now and make like-minded friends! (idk about dating tho)

interests: i have shitton of interests! i love music (rock & metal mostly), animals, languages, anime, mangas & comics (i like reading in general tbh), watching shows and movies, long walks…etc

personality: shy at first but extremely friendly, like to believe i’m funny, sarcastic, introverted, you can discuss and talk with me about ANYTHING, not always mentally stable so sometimes i get distant

what about you?
let’s be friends! and don’t try to get into my pants pls i don’t even like sexting lmao


Hello :smile:
I’m Tarek 30 from cairo, happy making your acquaintance. You can add me on my insta telicious999


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it’s so nice to meet you aml!
you seem like such a fun and kind person:D -yes btw i agree completely with the arabic version being… uhm… vastly different lol- glad to have you on here nonetheless! hope you find like-minded people and welcome aboard!:crossed_fingers:


hey there pleased to meet you<3
unfortunately i don’t have an instagram :frowning:
i’m not even lying, i never even had one since i’m barely active on social media lmao we can talk here tho or hangouts, discord…etc


oh hello bestie!! i hope this reply finds you well~~
i’m glad you were comfortable enough to share a bit about yourself with me, thank you<3
we’re the same age!! i guess(?)
and we seem to share more things in common, i love playing video games from time to time as well! mostly RPGs (especially indie one) and visual novels… i rarely play MMORPGs tho
it’s true that our music taste is different but hey, we can always introduce each other to new things!
so did you mean you like watching sports or actually playing sports?


Beeeeeeee :sob::sob:<33333
likewise!! omg you sound as extra as i am and i’m living for it
we’re probably sharing the same braincelllllll but my brain is more mush as it actually took me few months to notice the site has an “english version” lmao (oops guess i forgot to add “dumb af” to my personality traits)

arabic version is like: i want someone to dress me up in lingerie and f**k the logic out of my body.
but we here in the english version be like: hiiii i wike animals too lets be fren!! :33

am legit losing it from the gap between both :sob::sob::sob: it’s like a parallel universe
thank you for your warm welcoming tho, u too love :pleading_face::heart:


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ah u see i was lucky enough to have found about this website from a charity that had it’s default as the english version so i went to the arabic version voluntarily, which now that im thinking about it more, was kinda worse actually lmao anyways


Okay aml whichever you like bunny, if it makes u feel comfortable u can try to add me using a fake profile on whichever platform. I’d be happy to introduce you toa dear friend of mine who happens to be gay herself. I’m legit and genuine and I too am a pharmacist graduate of clinical pharmacy of year 2013 (worst profession ever)


Hii! I’m barely on this site but i see we have alot in common! Im also turning 24 this year but in October and i love anime and manga!! Kinda introverted too in away that im way too awkward but i’d love to be your friend! I dont have any arab lgbtq friends who also enjoy anime so it’ll be fun to chat!


aww thank you for being so welcoming and nice
since it’s more comfortable for you there, i just made an account on instagram and i’ll send you a request<3 i have a cat as my profile pic
i’d be happy to get to know you and your friend! we can always diss on this profession in solidarity! i thought it’d get better but… tell me about it ugghh


hey ria!!! omgggg yeees finally a fellow weeb lmao i feel so relevant now!
i am barely online here as well but glad we got to meet<3
even our birthdays are kinda close which is dope!!!
thank you for reaching out, i’d LOVE to be your friend duh! please do tell me what mangas you like to read and what’s your favorite animes asap


hey there how r u
hard to come online on this site as its blocked here in
UAE :frowning: hope we can be friends :slight_smile:


Hey Aml nice to read this! :heart:
I’m27 lesbian girl from Cairo and I’m here to make friends who is like you so let’s talk more… Text me :eyes:


You’re a pharmacist I’m a pharmacist yay bffs


HEY BESTIE! SORRY IF I’M LATE i legit don’t see timestamps on this site? BUT WHATEV WE’RE BESTIES NOW!!! We literally have so much in common i love cats and i’m a HUGE metalhead and love rock music SO GIMMIE UR DISCORD N LET’S LISTEN TO SOME MUSIC C: oh forgot to say I’m meg, 21, from Syria and a lesbian!! :smirk_cat:


Hey there we do have a few things in common so that could make us at least virtual friends :grinning:


is it me or does ur avatar look like daria


Welcome aml in the community :heart: i text u interested to have conv. With u :heart: