If you're reading this we're bffs now



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Hello Aml
Okkay i think we are bffs now haha
I would like to introduce myself too
I’m 27 years old
I’m a mechatronics engineer but I’m more into business and management I’m even studying now my MBA, i dunno why even i started with engineering :sweat_smile:
I live in Madinaty, Cairo
Video games are my life
MOBA( Dota2), i play also CoD
And yes i born and raised in Saudia Arabia till i graduated high school
And yess nice to meet you Aml :))


Hi Aml, not really in a postion to meet in person but would love to invite you to a Discord where I and my gf hang out. The people are all members of the LGBTQI+ community or supporters of same and we generally love motorsports, animae, art and photography. If that sounds like your kind of thing let me know and I’ll send you an invite. Or track me down on there, my names the same as on here, KtBear #1155


Hi!!! Nice to meet y’all I guess I have new forced bffs now lol