Wish to know Queer Saudis


Just as the title says. Wish to get to know other queer Saudis out there, no relationship stuff. I just want to have people to talk to also from here. For context closeted bi and trans (double closeted there but one day…)


Hi I’m no Saudi but I’m from kuwait and I understand how scary it is to live in your country.


Hey there! It’s always so heart-warming to see other people in similar situations. How are you doing?


That the reason we are all here. I’m doing alright. How about you?


Doing relatively good, outside of the obvious. Drawing I found is a great way to express myself and display to others while still managing to keep things a secret, if you abstract things anything.


That’s really good way to express yourself especially drawing helps with many things and it shows how talented you are even if you think it’s not good. Personally I found reading queer books helps a lot but it distracts me from my studies.


Ooh which books? Always looking to read more queer stuff, whatever kind.


I like the sapphic books and I have few collection of it.


hello friend queer S*udi here, i am sick of living in isolation because of my queerness it’s so depressing but maybe chatting with other queers helps


Oooh I’ve always wanted to read some of Sappho’s poems. I find the way queerness existed across history really interesting and affirming of our existence. Greece is really interesting in this respect cause of how prevalent homosexuality was.


Another one! Hello. Yeah the isolation sucks which is why a forum like this is so great. It’s made me a little stir crazy.


Lesbian sa udi here. It can feel really lonely honestly but we’re all here for each other.


Hey Hey Hey !! queer from Bahrain. This place is just amazing for people like us. Wellcome all


Hello yeah, it can be tough but we’re all here together. How are you doing?


Gulf arab unity, this site really is great. What have you been up to?


Can we chat?. I m looking for something on serious basis


Can we chat? I’m looking for something serious


Being gay is like glitter, it never goes away.


Hello. I would be glad to talk with you


Hey I’m trans and Saudi too and I’d love to make more queer friends :kissing_heart: