Lesbian in America



I am 17 years old and I am from America. I have indigenous ancestry as well as Romanian and Middle Eastern ancestry. I am a lesbian and I am scared that if I meet a person who I like/ have a connection with, I will be judged for my sexuality. I am reaching out to ask if anyone has any advice with approaching arab and other middle eastern women as a lesbian. I also wanted to say how much I truly admire all of you for your bravery and strength. You all matter and deserve happiness, safety, love, and to be accepted for who you are (LGBT and all). Stay safe and know that you are loved and are not alone.:hearts:


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Hi I’m an Arab well my advice is to take it slow do not rush telling them that you’re a lesbian without knowing they are fully accept the LGBT community. Kinda give them a hint for example complementing of how gay people are good at doing makeup and see if they respond nicely it kinda works for me. Or big up a topic about how queer people are badly treated see if they agree with the topic and give some explanation to why they deserve to be treated better.