We are here!



Heey beautiful people!
I’m here to get in contact with a lot LGBTQIA+ peeps. We are trying in Denmark to help you in the Middle East.

We want to make a bigger focus on you and your love! We are here for you and we are standing with you!

We will do anything we can for you.

Hope you will reach out to me and my beautiful friends, so we can make a different!

Lots of love from a Turkish/danish woman


The procedure for LGBTQIA+ for immigration are very Difficult.

Also there is Lots of transgander don’t have any support.

Contact me if you want.


We are here to make a focus on it and want to be there and help.

I will love to hear from you


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Heyy!! It’s nice to see the support from people of Denmark!


You have got an impactant presentation!!!

I love it.

What are you doing in Denmark. I live in Spain. I would like to help gay middle easterns too!.



Hello, I am a homeless Lebanese gay person in need of URGENT help!!!


Hello everyone,

I just found this platform.

This is Diane, a 21 years old asking for a new chance for life. I am in need of URGENT help. At only 18, I was kicked out from my house and completely cut out of the family because my parents found out I was gay. They left me to pay everything on my own while I was still in the university, made even more difficult by the economic crisis in Lebanon.This all ultimately lead to the dire situation I am in now - homeless, being physically threatened by the debtor I took loans from and at risk of being exposed as gay in a country where it is heavily shunned.

My friends are helping me raise funds to pay the debt and flee the country. I am reaching out for donors, but I am having no luck. You are my last hope. I need to spread the link as much as possible. If only 6,301 people donated 5$ each we can reach the goal.

While it’s hard to trust someone you don’t know, I am ready to answer any questions you may have over a call.

Here is the link to my fundraiser and the full story:


I hope that you see my message.

Thank you so much for your time.


Hey Jale,
it was nice to hear that you and your group are here to help out people who can not express there feelings and living a miserable life under the threats of family, society and religion.
i am 34 years old boy. I found it that i am more attracted to males then females. This reality is really breaking down me mentally as well as well emotionally. I am open to talk about that and see if we can find out mutually any possible way to solve this problem. i will really appreciate your kind response.