Question for Lesbian and bisexual women



So there’s this question that’s been on my mind lately. I’m now 25 and I’ve been really interested in having a relationship with a woman. However, due to some health issues, I’ve gained a lot of weight these past couple months which caused me to become overweight. I’m working hard to lose it but It’s really effecting my selfesteem and basically making me afraid of taking the step to search for someone to date. I don’t mind if my partner is also overweight or struggling with anything appearance wise cause i genuinely only care for personality when dating and as long as the personality is good i’ll find them extremely attractive. I know there are others like me who’d still find me a little good looking but I can’t help feeling scared and insecure that people will find me disgusting or unappealing. I feel very unlovable right now but I still want to ask my fellow lesbians and bisexual girls if you’d date an overweight person if you guys click? Or would it be hard to accept being with a chubby person regardless if you like their personality or not?


I think weight is not that big thing that would stop me from being someone as long as that person is interesting

I dont think anyone should lose weight unless they want to or if it affects their health but other than that its no big deal at least for me


Girls usually search past looks. However, putting some weight on isn’t an issue at all
All women are beautiful just the way they are honestly.
Men could be a little picky, but as for lesbians we do love it all🤍


I’m fit and I have been attracted to multiple girls who were overweight baby girl don’t overthink it as long as you are you there will always be someone who is attracted to you if you came across someone who made you feel anything less than beautiful fk them it’s their loss


Hi RIA…hope you have a lovely day…actually I’m overweight too and I’m telling you that there are a lot of women prefer being with curvy overweight girls actually it’s so sexy:) it’s completely fine …so don’t overthink about that …the one who is gonna really love u need to love you the way you are… and please don’t think about changing anything unless you are not comfortable with being overweight as you wanna feel comfortable with your own body not because of anyone else … + take care


I will talk about myself i perfer the person
But sometimes i love curvy i think there are so sexy and hot so fk for any one make u don’t turst yourself


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