I'm straight but femboi



I’m 24 arabian femboi, I’m straight and suffering from being single cuz i hadn’t found girl that loves femboi I’m so depressed what can i do?


Try looking within the queer/lgbt community u will find tons of girls who r into yr type


U mean community like here?


Here or on Facebook or the very obvious answer Tinder tried all three and they work


hey buddy how are you dnt feel alone if u want to chat n talk you can inbox me


This user has deleted their account


So we can have a conv


They are totally some women out there who’s into femboys! I’m a bi woman and I find femboys extremely cute and attractive, submissive femboys makes me go crazy :heart_eyes:


So, u replied as anonymous, can u dm me?


Hello would like to talk to i…am femboy


Text me on snap piebye21


That was and still my dream to meet a bi woman who is into femboy like me I always wanted to be the wife with a girl 🫦🫦:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: