Friends gays or lesbians



Hey guys
Im 21 and lesbian im looking for real friends gays or lesbians
And i need serious people because if you rush into inappropriate things i’ll simply block you or never reply so no use
I just need a good company thats all
Also someone who can chat consistently and not disappear all of a sudden
If you are interested message me :purple_heart:


I like that and hope be friend with u


Hi Grey I was looking for the same for long but with no success, can we be friends im a good listener and funny too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m a trans woman or a guy who always wanted to be a girl and I don’t really focus my chat on sexual subjects, friendship is the goal :))


ألغى هذا المستخدم حسابه


ألغى هذا المستخدم حسابه


I’m bi femboi 24…


Sure feel free to message me on discord any time


Your user Please i will text u


Hi all trans woman here however I can’t always dress up u know, but I did it few times outdoors I mean but indoor yeas


Come inbox i need you



It would be really nice if we can have a talk to introduce each other


،how are you grey
Iwant to chat with u dm me plz


hey how are you i am bi if u want friends count me in


as a straight male(as far as I know) guess I’m not welcome?