I guess that's my introduction



Hi! My name’s Théo, I’m a transgender, homoromantic and asexual 18 year old man living around Montreal, Québec (I speak French, English and Arabic). The reason I’m here is because I’m half Egyptian and half Lebanese, and I am coming back to Egypt for the summer. I am very visibly queer and terrified.

I’m gonna have to play cis which will likely make me very dysphoric. However this might be the last time I’ll see some family members.

I would LOVE to find a safe space while I’m there because I know I won’t be able to just keep in the gay, I’m too freaking gay. However the underground queer scene is hard to find and so fucking risky to try finding. If I’m able to find a safe way to make a friend I could pass off as someone I randomly met outside or something that’d be a dream lol

I know I’m extremely privileged not to live in Egypt my entire life and to have at least school and work as a space where I don’t have to hide my queerness. I don’t wanna come across as insensitive. What I’m going through is nothing compared to living there.
Let’s just post this and pray for the best I guess.


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Heyy theo!! I’m an Egyptian pansexual guy, I’m 20 years old and I’m looking to make friends with similar mindsets, I’m very much in the closet unfortunately but I would gladly become your friend :)))


Kid you not, you’re very much likely to get harrassed. You either need to “remodel” yourself, or even better avoid coming back at all to begin with.