Being Gay or Lesbian in a psycho Society



Hey everyone, I joined this website today and I’m really happy that eventually we know have the opportunity to talk and express what we feel and without being afraid.
I’m a lesbian girl who is 21 years and unfortunately I live in Cairo. I’m not gonna talk about how hard is it to be a lesbian or gay who is living in The Middle east. We should all accept who we are because we are humans with feelings, being Lesbian or gay does not mean that there is something wrong with you or even gives the people the right to refuse you and makes you feel shame, every lesbian girl should be proud of herself because we are the only people who really accepts people by who are they without judging or hurting them. Everyone here has the opportunity now to find his or her soulmate without being afraid. For me too I hope I could find my soulmate.
And if anyone wanna talk to me
It is an honor for to know you.


Welcome on board and I hope u would like it here, all best wishes for u and every1 else :heart::rose:


It is an everlasting struggle…anyways ping me if u wanna talk…am just looking for decent friends…if anyone else want to connect too…am egyptian …


Felt like you’re speaking for me…
Please DM me i would love to have you as a friend :pray: