Confusion! About identity all the time,,,



Well, I will try to make it as short as I can, people around me know am straight, I created a fake Facebook account started dating, dated 2 guys on separate occasions and I have a mixed feelings, sometimes I wanna be with males, sometimes I feel I want to be with females, sometimes I just want to love and to be loved, whether from males or females, can not say am straight or bi, any1 get the same confusion?
القصة باختصار أنا عملت فيس بوك و قابلت شباب و عملت معاهم علاقات بس بيجيلي أحاسيس مختلطة ، شوق و ساعات ندم إني أمارس كدا تآني ، حد بيجيلوا نفس الاحاسيس دي؟


It does not matter if your feelings are mixed. It does not matter if you want to date a boy or girl because there are many people who do not classify themselves as gay or straight. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Just dating someone you love yet doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl.