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why do i have 2 life's

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hi all i am Mimi
i am gay and a cross dresser
and i am from Egypt
so ..
i cant live as a cd in populace,
that's make me have 2 different life's
one as a hard working male live with family
the other is mimi
the pretty crossdresser so pretty , sexy , funny and full of joy
but that is very hard for me
i must make both separated and in different way's
i dream of being a transgender
but that is in dream's only
its not about money or some thing like that
its about all the people who connected to me
how can i face them
who will respect me for who i become
i get night mare about being keeled coz of that
even when i had a bf i couldn't give him my address or my #
i had to get another line to talk to him
its thick all this is thick.


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