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I am a Muslim Cross-dresser.

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Hello! My name is Ayisha, I am a Male to female cross dresser, and I am 26 years old from Bangalore, India. I enjoy living a secret life of a girl, I wish God had made me a girl, but I have no regrets, I love the way I am. Everyone has an addiction, liking and a habits which can’t be changed, similarly I can’t change my liking of being a cross-dresser, I am addicted to cross-dressing, I am intoxicated while I am dressed as a female, I am in the seventh heaven under a female garment.

My habits are of girls, I love being dominated, I cry very soon, I laugh very soon, I long for love and care, I hate people yelling at me, I love shopping, I like gossiping, I am jealous and I am kind too. My physical traits might be that of a Male but my emotional and mental characteristics are that of a female. I have feminism as my innate quality which is a driving force of my life, every night I dream of being a girl and having a family, I love kids too much, I wish I could give birth and endure the pain of a mother.

I don’t know why but from day one I was having this uncommon attraction towards females & I would observe the way they walk, talk and dress. Whenever I would go shopping to buy clothes, I would automatically get attracted towards girls clothes like saree, ghagra-choli and salwar kameez etc. To be honest I find myself to be more attractive and beautiful in female clothes and I hate wearing those creepy men’s clothes. I just love the feeling of female clothes plus they are so comfortable. One thing which I love about female clothing is the variety and the designs, indeed it is awesome.

  • I'm proud of your confidence, it's really refreshing. You should be glad that you know yourself so well and love yourself even if you had hoped for something different (to have been born as a girl). Loving yourself the way you are takes strength and even courage, and not to be pressured into being someone else to please society or those around you.

    I have a question about that - do you find yourself having a problem with your friends or family because of your habits?

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