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I think my mother knows that's I'm a lesbian

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It's been 9 years since i knew that I'm a lesbian , and my mother indirectly knew about that , i didn't tell her but she saw a girl's name on my arm ( that i wrote) , she told my father about that and he said "it's just a phase" , well my mother never consider my situation as a phase she takes it seriously.

Last night i got a marriage proposal she didn't want to tell me about it because she knew my answer is NO , we didn't fight this time because whenever i say no to a marriage proposal a big fight happens between me and her so last night nothing happened , but this morning we were alone me and her and she started talking about gay people and how she saw a TV show about gay people and it's becoming famous in Tunisia and it's something known by a lot of people .
i kept on listening but from the inside i was burning to tell her Mom I'm a lesbian , I'm scared and confused i want to tell her so badly

but I'm scared of her reaction , she seems like waiting for me to say something I don't know ...
so should I tell her ? ?? .


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