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my name is yassmina im a transgender girl from morocco my life is suck im self medicated i cant work no body accept a female person to work with a male idendity we are freaks so mutch violance is going on in my life id rather that hormones give me a heart stroke or samebody will kill me my parents they want to kick me out from our house i bring only shame i make poeple laugh at my parents while i keep being more feminine my parents start to hate me more and more i become very comfortable with the way i look now i feel me is coming out on the way i look i cant let my body transform as a male thats why i cant stop hormones im not a boy i was never felt as a boy since i was born , since i was born my life is like shit i dont have a best moment im very jealous of biological females because they are normal and im not but lucky me most of the time bio-female are jealous than me because i bring the attention of males they hate me they dont know that i wish i can be inside thier body so yeah i hope god will protect me and i want to share my story because i have enaugh im invisible i want poeple to notice me because im such a beautefull person inside and out .

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    Hey Yassmina, saw your comment on my post about being trans too Do you mind me asking how old are you? Are you taking medication to stop male puberty or to help you look more female? It's great that you're becoming more comfortable with how you look, i know how hard that can be. Don't worry about bringing shame to your family or whatever, a society that doesn't accept the fact that some people aren't cisgendered is shameful by itself. remember, you're not alone, we exist everywhere around the world and it gets better. so keep your head up high, you're beautiful.

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    yassmina, accept who you are and embrace that, and you'll see how things will get better. There is no reason to be ashamed, that's who you are. Your parents, and society may not understand because they cannot feel what you feel, or see things the way you see them. So be brave, we're all here for you, we're all 'different', but in a very special and beautiful way. peace.

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    will Yassmina, i must say you are brave, coz you take the steep am scared of( hormones) or lit any one know about me,

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  • Hello Yassmina. I do not want to share any information about you on this forum, but we've met on the internet and at some point I lost all tracks of you. Please message me, as I think that you are currently close to where I live and I think that it'd be great if we actually met in person!

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