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The B*tch is back in da house!

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Hello to every soul out there in Ahwaa; it is been a while right? Indeed it does. I miss ever single one of you though, the UI of Ahwaa's never changes. *sigh*

I've been busy; working with Pink Triangle Foundation, launching my blog, finishing my book, and struggling with my exams and studies.. and also many others.

I miss all of you and this ears is still available, so if any of you need to bitch your day, or your problem.. my shoulder is available and i am going to do my best to help y'all.

Lastly, do check out my stuff or add me in a messenger
FYI, I am in Alexandria, Egypt.
See you guys soon!

twitter- @ propamika or @ 123BastardzInc
messenger: yahoo- boeing_rocknroll72



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