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  • No you're not the only one there are a lot of people who are like that. But do you think this is just temporary? Many of the ones I met who claimed they were asexual later said that this was just a phase, and after this, they became very sexual. What's your position on this?

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  • 17-24_f_f_h3_f3

    Oh, marry me..

    on a side note, it is normal even for straight people cuz I know someone like that so I dont even think its sexual orientation related its just a state of mind I suppose.

    • It is actually a sexual orientation. It is mot to be confused with celibacy. My whole life i thought something was wrong with . Especially when i see people in general like sex amd i don't. I was born this way and just the the thought of having sexual relationship with someone gets me weird uncomfortable feelings.

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  • I am asexual to gray-asexual. You are not alone,it is due the lack of representation that we seem not to exist

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