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i wish i can find someone to love

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it's not about finding someone to have fun with or whatever, it's about to find someone to talk to ... it's very hard to find someone you can trust right ?

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    right. i agree. its hard because in the past even i trusted people who betrayed that trust and told others that im gay or that i was a pervert and wanted to sleep with them but really i just want someone to speak with, be friends with. they used that to gain attention for themselves and to gossip.

    i have a very hard time finding trustworthy friends now after that incident and i stopped coming out to people. even friends i make i limit to a few outings but never deep conversations. it feels terrible but im trying to be optimistic in hoping to find the right person.

    how are you dealing with this?

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    its hard but its not impossible to find the right person to talk to. eventually that person will be your best friend. and then, your lover. if youre lucky that will last. if not, you start the process with someone more fitting to your wants/needs (keep your goals realistic!)

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    I know what you mean,
    In fact i live in it right now
    Its a miks of cant find the right one and if you like some one you can't trust him with your hart or identy.
    And after some time when you really know you lost him you just plam your self and close your door and cray
    That ofcorse coz i get hurt many time from Giving trust to untrusted people
    And at last i wich you get all the luk in finding your mate

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