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where is the right path?

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i am 22 years old.. i am still suffering the mind tiring confusion of either to choose the path that every one wants me to walk in or the path that, i think, will give me a pleasure.. i don't know if you would believe me if i said I DON'T REALLY CARE just show me the RIGHT way and i am all there for it.. i don't care, i can force my self in being heterosexually married and just end all this, and never think of it again...ALL THE PRESSURE around me is agonizing ....

  • You definitely need to go with the path that will make you happier in the longterm. Don't give into the pressure, you're still young, so even if you can tolerate it now in 10 years you will be faced with a lot of regret on why you didn't do what makes you happy. Making decisions purely based on pressure is never a good thing. This is your life and you need to make your own decisions and live your own dreams.

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  • 17-24_m_w_h3_f1

    the only problem is that if i choose one over the other i can't guarantee happiness... i really appreciate your reply though

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  • live the moment don't think about the future too much and be who you are and find what makes you happy and do it i swear it's just that simple and it always get better

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  • I agree with both demilover and kuwaitilove. Dont torture yourself . You'll just get even more lost in this pressuring dilemma. This overthinking is not me, Im going through it sometimes, I know how it feels and Im sure a lot do to. You're 22, you're young, you're fresh you're beautiful. Take what life gives you and stay faithful to what you believe in. Pleasing everyone will make you miserable. Take a breathe, take a break and turn off the pressure. Its not that easy, but efforts pay off.
    Good luck!

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  • 17-24_m_b_h3_f3

    And your happiness isnt goiing to come running to you if u keep on drinking vodka you MORON!! >.<

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