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Golden Gay Guy Rule BROKEN

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So, I have been gay since ever, but lately I have been so down that I thought of taking my life. I am gay, and there is this girl who loves me so much, I have been dodging her for too long, and I've decided to LET IT BE! I will talk to her and maybe we will be in a relationship. I don't think of her sexually nor emotionally, but I have had my doubts, my gay faith is shaking, I will tell her that I just like her, and we will see where it will go from there. I know this is absurd, but I am tired, just tired, plainly tired, something must be done, this is not the best thing to be done but what can I say, being alone in your own community sucks ;|.

  • I think you might end up breaking her heart if you string her along knowing that you don't have any attraction or feelings towards her. Over time she will be able to tell, and then it will be hard to break things off, you might lose her friendship and maybe feel more alone than before.

    Are you sure you want to do this? Maybe you should just wait, try not to act out of boredom, but rather out of certainty. If you don't think you will fall in love with her, then best not to start anything, however if you think you might eventually develop sexual and emotional feelings towards her, maybe you are bisexual. Just my thoughts.

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  • dude it's not fair for her and for u too cause it's gonna bring pain just pain for the two of u, i know that being alone is an issue but hurting someone is more worse. you deserve to be happy and the same for her so don't be so pessimistic love will find you

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