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I need to have a lesbian friend

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It's so hard to talk to lesbians in this region. I never know if they are lesbians or straight and the problem is it's so illegal here in the middle east no one's open about it and it's not even accepted. I wish I could just speak to people without freaking them out, I'm very open about anything and very fun to talk to.

I'm not quite sure really if im bicurious or bisexual but i'm willing to find out. if any of you have bbm i would love to talk to y'all .

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    Hi Ellie.
    I read your post and I kind of recognized my self in it. I felt the same few years ago, and sometimes I still do. I think its pretty normal in our case to seek for people like us,by that I mean straightless ones. I remeber, back at the time when I discovered who I really was , walking down streets trying to figure out wether this girl or this guy is gay or not. I desperatly needed that , feeling that I belong somewhere, that Im not that different since all my friends wer straight.

    Then I decided g to register in LGBT forums and discussions' platefroms , it helped me being more comfortable about my sexuality and gave me the opportunity to meet lesbians gays bisexuals etc.
    Which encourage to do my coming out to my closest people.. I had to go down that path, it was a bold move knowing how homophobic some of them were, but I did it and it felt such a relief.

    Now my point is, do it step by step. When I interacted with people " virtually" it was some kinf of taking the pulse of the moroccan entourage. Of course it wasnt always pleasing, but you definitely meet people with whome u really get along nd you get an idea about your entourage way of thinking.
    What I noticed is that people are less freaked out now , but it might not be the same case everywhere.

    Anyway, follow your instinct and stay cautious though

    • Heyyy, thank you so much for caring to comment. It really was helpful especially you telling me how you used to feel the same way. I always think no one feels the same way even when people do tell me that im not alone. I keep thinking i am. Your post got me smiling and i guess there r ppl who do or used to feel how i felt. I will take your advice and I will wait cuz theres no need to rush.
      Right now im trying to interact with ppl online and its not really working but i will keep on trying ! once again thnks

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      Well babe I am a lesbian and i am in need for a friend too so if you really aren't faking an account cause thats just scary i am willing to be you friend, really my phone is being fixed i cracked the screen ill send you my pin in a day and btw i have friends that are supportive to gays and lesbians maybe if we became friends i can introduce you

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