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hey everybody..
well, as a lesbian girl I want to say something, I have noticed lot of LGBT people more than straight people, but they're so closed and no one come out, is that be cause they're afraid of the reaction of homophobic? Oh come ooon all the World got changed but not the Arabic World!! Equal marriage is now allowed in almost every part of the world except Arabs countries. We -as LGBT community- have to do something and let the world heard our voices by taking first steps to the truth..

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    i think a lot of other places in the world are dealing with homophobia like central and east africa and so on. it's just as hard there because they actively discriminate against homosexuals. here its also scary but we have less armed civilians taking the "law" into their own hands so i get less scared and probably thats why i came out to my friends and family.

    coming out and being open about one's sexuality is admirable but we have to admit to ourselves that it's still a risk and not everyone is willing to take that. i wish there was an easier way out.

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    I notice a lot of LGBT people too, I mean most of the times it's knowing someone all my life since childhood and then finding out that they are gay, it is always a pleasant surprise. But of course we unfortunately will still face a lot of consequences for coming out publicly as gay including bad reactions from families, whether it's a sense of disgust or they treat you like a sick perverted person who needs medical attention or worse, corrective therapy. Otherwise I'm seeing more and more LGBT people come out quietly to each other and creating growing networks, that is always a good sign. I'm sure the day will come where we can do that openly without big consequences. Hopefully even in our lifetime!

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