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why teach sooooo much hate and not much love

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This is the first time ever to come and write a topic on a such website, but i am in the middle of phase of questioning everything around you, people, religion,love and being GAY( of course hence this website) . And i was wondering why can't parents just teach their kids to LOVE everyone even sinners, even if this person did something majorly wrong we can just hate the action. Also i have doubts if being gay is a test from God and i should be strong and pass this thing or does people get the whole thing wrong?!?!?!? sorry for blabbering to much but i just have alot on my mind and it is consuming me thanks .

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    i wish all parents were like that! now i want you to start a family just so you can start this tradition ...

    we have one MAJOR problem though. even if parents teach the kids love, society corrupts them. terrible teachers. look at our books. it's all about sinners and death and torture. that's what we preach to people. if we want to teach love we need to start not just in the household but also in the schools. our educational institutions are corrupt. for as long as they are preaching the same hate we will never find tolerance and peace amongst each other.

    • Sad but true. Although parents should correct the mistakes society imposes on us - the kids end up spending just as much time at home, enough to be influenced positively by their families.

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      I agree, if the families spend enough time with their kids, they can undo the damage. Not saying it will be easy but families tend to be the biggest influence. Easier in childhood than in the teen years where the kids start fighting for more independence and spending time with other kids that have a bad and ignorant attitude.

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    It's just sad how people and parents look at homosexuality like it's the most disgusting thing ever!
    I mean it's something inside of you that you can't change or control or even if you can it's your personal freedom!! It sucks how people have to make you feel like a loser or an alien if they suspect that yu have feelings or attraction towards people from the same sex. It's just sad.

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