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i have had enough of this corrupted fucked up homophobic society.

i was hanging out with some of my friends then suddenly we started talking about gays and stuff, they kept saying that homosexuality sucks and gays are disgusting and deserve to die and how they are going to hell and many annoying stuff. i was on SILENT mood, haven't said anything just standing there without moving, then this annoying friend came and asked me why am i so silent and what do i think of LGBT people. i was like "it's ok, they are normal people, just like you "
they all turned their gazes towards me and said in one breath "EWWW YOU ARE A FREAK BECAUSE YOU LIKE THEM" then walked away leaving me behind.


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    these people are sick. it is good they left because you shouldnt be around people like that. simply ignorant! you should feel sorry for them. bunch of nobodies.

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    I always wonder why people with this ridiculous mentality aren't extinct by now. I actually have some friends that are homophobic as well so I slip into that silent mood you mentioned but hasn't reached that extreme point of not talking to me because of my thoughts like you sadly experienced.

    It's so awful of them to do that to you! Really frustrates me. Generally, they expect everyone to respect them and their idiotic opinions while they call us names for accepting and treating everyone equally. Shows who the real freaks are right?

    Don't let this get to you though, aikho. They're not worth it. Being around them is obviously toxic so maybe this was for the best, maybe it's time to make new friends that will nourish and support you rather than bring you down.

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    yup! i ditched them and now i'm trying to make new nice friends

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  • It always strikes me as odd because, people like them form such a strong negative opinion about something they have no idea about! It's not like they're dealing or faced with LGBTQ issues on a daily basis (especially in the Arab world where it is heavily taboo) or accidentally land on gay porn while they're flipping tv channels for God's sake! They have no actual insight into the lives of gays or lesbians or transgender folk, and yet, they feel so entitled as to force their judgement upon us and speak out about us with their hateful opinions. Who gave any human the right to condemn anyone to hell? They claim it is an issue of religion, but there is nothing holy about their ignorance and hatred.

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    Hunnie there ain't anything wrong about you, don't try to find acceptance, its just a myth, believe in ur heart only, people stop judging when they are put in ur situation and get to see how you felt,, find someone for your own and leave them to their mind they are free and u are too
    If u like i'll be happy to get to know you, i can help you in this mess ❤ we are together in this ❤

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    I used to have a friend like that , now we don't talk anymore. I first had the intention of coming out for her so I sparked a conversation about lgbtq+ people and she was like eww disguisting . I didn't tell her a thing ,then I came out on Facebook and she must have seen it ...

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    Sorry you had to go through that aikho. Unfortunately, many people with that thinking still exist -it's why the Middle East is still facing LGBTQ+ right issues- Many people want to be the judge, jury and executioner, some are like that towards LGBTQ+, but do not be fooled, it exists every where, from the judgment placed on a girl wearing new wake up, or the boy who plays ballet, to the issues involving more people such as LGBTQ.

    Fortunately, however, there are places and online communities such as Ahwaa where you can fall back on when the real world is too harsh. You CAN (it's always a 50-50 chance on who you'll meet here) find friends or even soul mates on here. You'll always have us for comfort and support and I hope that encourages you to not give up on people. After all, no one's perfect. Your friends (or past friends) are just following the social norm, what they've been taught and what they now think is right. Not every one has the strength to think differently from the herd.

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