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how to continue ..?

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hi all i am Toka .. 21 yrs old well educated.

after i broke up with the first and only lover a had.
it took till -now- 3 years
i didn't do any move towards any other girl, THOUGH i liked many.

because of my family, i can't do so, i don't care for judgments AT ME.
all i care for is my family .. that's why i didn't come out of closet till now.

my family won't coop with the society.

i am living on videos for websites and you-tube ,
the problem is, it is weakening me more and more


not satisfying at all, i am just putting my thoughts here with you all.


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    Are you able to say why you and your former lover broke up? You seem to still have feelings for her so I wonder what could be the cause of the break up. Sometimes we just miss people when they're not near us. Getting over a break up takes a long time, especially if family issues are involved, because that's when you need someone close the most to trust enough.

    Sorry to see that you are going through all this.

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      No , you can say we still in love .
      but she couldn't move away from the idea , that what we are doing is just against religion and family

      she couldn't be strong and face all that .

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    Toka hi im goin through the same thing

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