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I miss my religion, Islam.

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Hey my community, i'm justinfur, 25 years old, I'm from Algeria, and here's what i thing about religion.

Long ago, i've lost my religion (islam), now i'm faithless, i only believe that there is A God, i don't know much of him. but being faithless is sad, cause i'm no longer able to say things like "it doesn't matter god knows what he's doing", or "maybe it's for the best, it just doesn't meant to be" and other things like praying god when you are despret.

So yeah, i miss my religion, but each time i read qur'an, i focus on how allah talk to us, it feels like it's not god who's behind this, it looks more like it's man who wrote this holy book, because i believe that god knows everything, and in qur'an he sometimes act like he's not omniscient, like he needs angels to bring him informations about us. similir thing about iblis, if he didn't prostrate to Adam when god asked him to, then this means that god gave him the free will and as god is omniscient he would know that iblis won't prostrate to Adam, so what does that mean?

Does it mean that god new everything about what will be happening before it happened, and that he planed it?
If so, then, god isn't as good as we should be believing, and Iblis isn't the bad guy after all.

But in the other side, there's facts in qur'an that i can't ignore, like ; the stages the fetus goes through, moreover things like the baby acquire the hearing before the sight, and many others.

So here i am, being confused about what i should be believing, and there's nothing more frustrating like living without acknowledging the reason behind.

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    I myself am more spiritual than religious and I know what you mean, but to be honest I feel much more comfortable just knowing that there is something divine that we can believe in and pray towards. It doesn't have to be defined. In fact I appreciate the mystery behind it all. I think maybe you don't miss religion or Islam, maybe you miss just being sure? And hoping to find the answers? I think even most Muslims are still unsure and don't find the answers to these things so they are just lost as the rest of us ...

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    yes, you're right, no one has the answer, no one will.
    thanks my friend for your feedback .

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    I have same problem especially when i have problem,icannot solve it

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    I agree, being faithless is frustrating! you miss the believe that there is a big power out there that is taking care of you, the believe that there's a big purpose to your life! That's the main reason why people had invented religions and Gods! people had invented something and believed in it!
    Don't go back the this trap, you are free now. Don't believe in someone who exists only in your imagination and convince yourself that this imaginary guy is protecting you! No you are the one who is protecting you! you are the one who will be there for you! You are your own GOD.

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