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Distress of Betrayal

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I am loving and affectionate person 59y .My friend is 19 y gay bottom Our relationship has been stable for a long time , almost a year ago and was full of love and respect . I loved my soul-mate very much, and its no exaggerating if i said I just adore him . Indeed, he came from a poor family, and for that I spend on him, pay for his expenses . Although his looks do not indicate poor he has a wonderful face and body.

Recently i was shocked that I knew he has been dating others behind my back for a fee and he's not such a naive person, but is very very gay to the extent that his behavior is very similar to the prostitute woman who receives fuck money.

On contacting some of his close friends they confirmed his various relationships and he in fact he is doing sex with others in exchange for money.

I am terribly distressed at how this naive boy meets behind my back and has all that network of guys while i grant him the money and love he needs.

Should always gay relationships fail ? and do not last ?
I need professional help I am distressed

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    Wow, may I ask why you are still with this boy? He is obviously taking advantage of you, for your money. It seems that he doesn't respect you at all and is just coming to you whenever he needs anything. I don't believe you're in an equal or loving relationship, so I would suggest you definitely leave him. Your feelings of love towards him are not mutual. You should also refuse to support him financially! He should find a way to support himself, or let the other men he dates spend on him. He should no longer be your responsibility and you deserve an honest and sincere relationship with someone who respects and loves you (and not just your money.)

    I strongly encourage you to dump this boy.

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      i agree. you deserve a shot at real love and sadly this guy is not it. leave him and move on! you can't expect a future with him.

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