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Running to the freedom, and leave ur history

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Sometimes u just can't hide any more , u want to walk on the street holding ur lover hand and not be afraid of anything , it's hard sometimes to avoid looking at each other because u don't want anybody to know ur secret , all these reason make any LGBT person thinking of running away to other country , somewhere he/she can be free , but wait a second ! Its not gonna be for free u will leave all ur history and originality behind all that treasure . Maybe it's reject u , but u can't skip it as its like any stage of ur life , it's ur root , it's hard to love something hate u as u are , something wants u to lie , to keep faking ur self . .

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    i agree completely. thank you for writing this. a beautiful message. i was abandoned by family when they found out about me. i was bullied and made fun of in my job when they found out and my job was at risk. i had bad exes who threatened to out me even more publicly than this. i had many reasons and opportunities to leave but i never did. i stayed because i believe its the only way we can ever mark our existence in this society. to say we were here and we fought and we believed.

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  • Yes! I believe in this strongly as well. I'd welcome a life abroad but I prefer to stay here and fight for a difference. I am too attached to my culture and my childhood friends. I'm not going to be free for as long as I'm away from this country. I it.

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