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did it happen to you? to be so much in love with some one that you justify all your actions that might seem selfish and stupid but to you soo right? been so much in love with your bestfriend who for a sec i feel that she got feelings for me but the other notice shes as straight as an arrow?? i've been like that for over 4 year..but i managed to hide it so well?..thats me! god when guys call her and you know do that thing trying to ask her out in there stupid insecure way without letting there so called pride down wit a harsh rejection from her,it even pissed me more when they try to hook up with her through me,lol like am gonna help you dude!!!!!..i wish i had their change i would've put it down in neon lights all over town..I LOVE YOU !!!(metaphorically speaking,cause that would get my ass straight to jail or worse, MARRIAGE).

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    Hi, I am going through the same experiences. Everyone told me to forget about it. I still couldn't forget but I stopped assuming the possibility of being with her. I didn't pursue anything because I know she will either reject me or end our friendship completely. I also get very jealous when she's flirting with others, but what can we do? Apart from forbidden love this is also unrequited love, it's double the pain.

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    You're singing my song. In my case, she fell for another guy, while I had to pretend to be the supportive best friend who was there for her, passed along messages etc. etc. the whole shenanigans. Since I didn't understand how I actually felt and had a serious case of the denials, I lashed out. Vengeful, spiteful and absolutely mean. I explained my behaviour, to myself and others, by saying I acted such because 'he wasn't right for her' and that 'he was going to hurt her'. Amazing how things make sense when one is in denial.

    I think she had feelings for me, don't know. I never tried to find out. Why don't you try to find out whether she is straight, gay or bi and whether she has any feelings for you or not? Be subtle and all but do it because this unrequited love thing is a vicious circle of strong feelings, and for your sake you should try and break out of it.

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    I wish its easy to let go or move on or revel my feeling but shes the most imp. thing i have shes the thing that keep me going u know the thought of us together..makes wake up happy everyday n have hope. i tried been in denial and all but never worked something as simple as her smiling to me just return me back to where i started just to realize i even love her more,i cant risk losing everything....thnx 4 sharin edel n joon!

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    Hi Ronz,

    If she's open enough, she might turn to be bisexual. Why not?!

    You should approach her, if you got rejected. You could excuse! I don't know. But you so in love with her, and it's better to try than to write! ;)

    I don't know how this sound! But give it a shot!

    • Sometimes it's good to be honest about your feelings to someone you feel strongly towards, especially if you feel there's a chance of her feeling the same way about you. You can perhaps flirt and make implications without coming completely clean about it, and see how she is reacting to these moves. But like others already pointed out, it pays to be cautious about this. Not everyone can keep a secret.

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    I think you should tell your friend how you really feel about her. Not telling isn't helping you any, and where do you think your silence will take you? You may just miss out on a chance with her and then she'll be with someone else and it will be too late for you. And if it doesn't work out then you can let yourself move on, because you deserve to be with someone who will love you back. BUT FIRST, make absolutely sure that your friend isn't a homophobe or someone who will out you to parents, friends or anyone because she thinks she'll be 'helping' you.

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  • i can relate and by the way i like the *hersexual* thing .. thats romantic

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