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im 19 year old from tunisia every time i watch a foreign gay movie about love i become so sad and depressed and the dream of meeting the partner that i wish seem impossible i really thinking about escape from tunisia to other country where the LGBT right existe i am so confuse about this deal.

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    me too i get very jealous when i see these gay love movies i always wish to have something similar but we must ask ourselves can it be real? ive never seen a gay relationship that is very perfect and without many problems.

    i think even inside tunisia you can find a way to be very happy and to find the right man you jus have to hide it because this is how our societies are but you can still find a man and be in love. i really believe this.

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  • why you guys always see the negativities in everything? Imperfection itself is perfection. that tiny flaw you have in yourself or that little good problem you have in relationship if you willing to work it out it is never a problem.
    Love or relationship is not a sprint or even a marathon, it is like dancing, once a while stepping on each other toe is fine. It teaches you to be better.
    To be honest, people often bastardize the term relationship. Open relationship, sexual relations... is it hard to be committed (yes i know it is) but one heart needs to feel pain before one can learn to love.

    My love is left somewhere.. i just need to find it back

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    seriously the problem is not about the movies , it's about us , u can find true love and live the most romantic relationship ever , but u don't have to look for love
    true love will find u at the end "they say" , only u have to do is be optimist , give your self a chance wait don't give up and u'll find the perfect one for u .
    i'm not gonna lie to u, i had a lot of experiences in my life (i'm Tunisian too) i don't consider any of them as true love but at the end it's a good thing to have all the romance and all the good times , trust me " Happily ever after can happen to you " so just be patient .

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    No relationship is ever going to be perfect though. In the end, we are imperfect beings. If we were perfect, we wouldn't need anyone. We would complete unto ourselves instead of being with someone who would complement us mutually. That ain't fun. (:

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