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Homosexuality: Nature Or Nurture?

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Hey you guys!
I'm doing this project for school in which i argue whether homosexuality is a cause of nature (biological causes like genes) or nurture (environmental factors like family, childhood ..). I would love to get some LGBT opinions on my presentation concerning the matter. Do you think that the environment you grew up in affected your sexual orientation in a way? or do you think it was just something you always knew and had no control over?
i would appreciate your responses. Let's get our voices heard :) . .

  • 17-24_f_b_h1_f2

    for me it had nothing to do with my environment. everything was confusing because it felt like i was living life backwards. my interest in women began at an unusually young age, so it couldn't have been a choice. it wasn't any experiences that led to this. it's just how i ever remember myself to be. i didn't even question it much. i accepted it pretty quickly.

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  • 17-24_f_w_h3_f2

    I can very relate to skyflake's experience except that it took me a while to accept that about myself. My sexual orientation was not caused by any environmental factors, the environment I grew up in did not have any affect on that. I just never found myself sexually and emotionally attracted to the opposite sex, no experiences whatsoever. My interest in women also began at an early age. The way I see it is that it's completely natural, biologically inherited, and not an option.

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  • 25-34_m_w_h4_f4

    It's possible that a person's upbringing can influence that person's sexual orientation and it's also possible that some are genetically predisposed to homosexuality. I fall in the latter category.

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  • 17-24_m_w_h1_f4

    Thanks for the responses guys! It really helped in my presentation. :)

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