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Anyone from the city of Madinah or Makkah?

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Well I went there and stayed in Al Masjid Al Haram in Makkah from 11th to 13th and Masjid Nabawii in Madinah from 14th to 15th the whole day. I was wondering if people I mean were there for religious purpose. I went to perform Umrah and I really cried to God to help me and the whole community of lgbt people.

The time I was there, I really wanted to talk to a person like me, suffering like me. It would be nice if you were there and say where were you :D.

So speak up here :D.....I would like to share my experience with you.

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    I won't but my cousin is very religious and goes there every year and he's gay too. I think this time he will even be joined by his partner. I think a lot of LGBT people go there every other Ramadhan so you're not alone!

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    You should share it with us regardless of whether or not we're going :) I did the trip a few times before and I'm sure we have some common concerns or stories.

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      I did not really feel much different about my anxiety of thought but I could cry easily there. I saw the Al Haram and I performed all the rituals but I felt quite isolated amongst all the people. Currently i am quite confused about my sexual orientation but I can say I like boys and I do not think I like women but sometimes my feelings are very confusing and depressing. I felt the same there too! But I think I could cry easily as well.

      How about you? Did you feel scared or angry or sad or anything?

      And what do you mean by you won't? did you mean to say that you will not be performing hajj or umrah this year or something?

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