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Any bisexuals out there? A new teen is coming!

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How are you doing guys?
It's my first day here as a user not a visitor. I'm a 19 y.o bisexual guy from Egypt.

I didn't have the guts to admit it to myself for a long time. I've always knew there's something NOT straight about me. If I were gay, It would've been much easier for me to figure out.. It was so confusing and I thought it was a phase and eventually it'll fade away, but it didn't. The funny thing that I thought I was completely gay and totally accepted it, the next day I find myself attracted to a woman! I was trying to convince myself that I must be gay or straight, because in my opinion, bisexuality is more complicated than being gay.

Anyway, I'm so happy to be here and open up to myself even more by writing this topic and accepting every word of it.
Have a good day everyone..Special hails to the metal heads \m/ .

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    Welcome to Ahwaa!
    The fact that you even state that you're Bi is a great progress into accepting yourself so good for you brother! And yes, Bisexuality is indeed complicated but i'm sure time and experience will get you to set things straight for yourself and define your desires. :)

    • Thanks a lot. I'm so glad to be here.
      I still have a lot of conflicts and confusion built within me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm completely gay and just convincing myself that I'm bi so it would be easier for me to accept. I got this thought from the common saying "Bi now.. Gay later". Though I know for sure that I'm attracted to women too.

      The other thing is about relationships. It might be easy to get into a relationship If you're gay, you'll only look for men. If you're bi, you can find gay/bi men but you can't get into a relationship with a woman and have sexual intercourse before marriage in this society. So how can you "play" both fields before you decide to get married?
      Don't get me wrong, I'll never get into a relationship with anyone if I don't have feelings for them. But also I wanna try both and experience different feelings/attractions.

      I'd love you guys to share some experiences of yours and help me get better insight on this part of myself.

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      I find it common for a lot of members of the LGBT community to refer to themselves as Bi.even when they mainly get attracted to same sex but they're not ready to face facts XD or just a part of them is in denial or trying to not be so different so Bi puts them bit closer to the norm. I think we're all Bi (straight people included) and there is always a chance for a straight person to even for once in their life to get attracted to a member of the same sex (not saying act on it at all) but the attraction happens even if briefly and same for gay people sometimes they get attracted to a member of the opposite sex. Maybe you fancy both but you'd only get serious with 1. Time will be able to tell you more :-) .

      And as for experience; at 1st i called myself Bi used to admire guys with nice bodies (still do haha) but when it comes to serious relationships or sexual/emotional thoughts I'm 100% a lesbian but still if i see a hot guy my basic instinct kick in and make my jaws drop :D but thats as far as it'll go. Maybe its same for you too who knows :D

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    • Before I figured out all of this, I was open-minded about homosexuality. I always put myself in others' shoes and see from their point of view. When it started by loving my best friend, I was shocked, confused and scared. But never denied it. If I were gay, I would've accepted it.. it would've been even better!

      I see myself as a person who appreciates beauty in every form of it. Beauty of the soul.. Beauty of the body. If I can find one person that makes me happy and put on a smile on my face when I see them, I'd spend the rest of my life with them. Regardless of their gender.
      I thought I was straight before I met my best friend "Was my best friend". One day I told myself "I could be gay for him", and that's when it hit me. I fantasized about me and him being together, not knowing what we're doing. Even later in life, living together and coming out to our families. Fighting the world together... All those cliches. And it felt good... if felt right. I knew it was love because I've experienced that with a girl. I think the most gracious love is loving your best friend.
      After that the snow ball kept rolling, and here I am.

      But who knows, I'm only 19. I'm inexperienced in life and I've got lots of things left to explore. Maybe I'll end up with a woman... Maybe with a man. But I'll never let anything but my heart chooses whom to love.

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    Hello I'm 19 and a new member too! (my birthday was just a couple days ago!) I'm a lesbian and have tried so hard convincing myself that I can't be anything but straight so I know how you feel. Now that I've found my girlfriend, I know where I was going wrong!
    As long as you are happy, that is the most important thing.

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    welcome misanthropy (i googled it by the way XD) this may not be helpful to u, but this post is of the ones that rly affect me, i came to this site ready to whine and complain that gays r the most tormented of the LGBT, but now i can feel that everyone has it differently, im rly glad that u found urslef and r sure of ur identity now.. enjoy it XDD

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    I'm bisexual as well !

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  • hey , am bisexual to the bone ..

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