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lesbianism poem!

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gays poem

Being gay is just like being human:
Even if you want it, you can't choose.
In everyone, beneath the day's confusion,
Night waits with truths too salient to refuse.
Grant me, then, a moment's understanding,
Given that I've given you much pain.
All that's passed between us notwithstanding,
Yet I would be close to you again.

lesbians poem

I want to tell you something you should know,
Something that you might not want to hear.
It is, however, true of me, and so
If you would know me, I must make it clear.
I am a woman who loves other women.
I could not, nor would want to be aught else.
I am your daughter and a lesbian.
Please make a place for that within yourself.
Please love me as I am, as I love you
No differently from when I was a child.
I am the daughter that you always knew
Save for one sweet way that fate has smiled.
Whatever you decide, I'll love you still,
For love heeds not the weather, but the will.


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