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How i knew i was attracted to women..

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First let me introduce myself, Hi my name is Lina i'm 24 years old originally from iraq but have been living in algeria almost all my life..

I knew i was attracted to girls when i was about 15 years old, i would always look at girls and just say waw she's beautiful..
as i grew these feeling will just grow with me, i would watch gay movies and look up gay videos on youtube this feeling wouldn't leave me alone!!

at the age of 22 i decided to tell one of my friends that i was Bi even though these were feeling and at that time i had never tried anything with a girl cause i was to afraid to make a move!!

so as i told one person i started telling other close friends who now accept me the way i am..
at the age of 23 i had my first sexual relationship with a girl it was AMAZING and i loved every second of it :)
but I've never been in a serious relationship with a girl cause like i said i'm to afraid and its not easy.

if you knew how i looked you will never guess that i'm bi, i'm very feminine and i love feminine girls too
i would love to be in a relationship with a girl fall in love and be happy
i would tell u a lil bit bout my dream girl, brunette with long hair a beautiful smile with breathtaking eyes, slim and a woman who takes care of her body, intelligent and confident and someone of course around my age :)

Where are you?

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      you're definitely right about the being beautiful on the inside and i can't agree more, but there has to be an attraction from the outside as well, you know its not easy for girls to know when a girl in gay trust me I've been looking its not easy at all!!! but hopefully i will find her!!

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    That story reminds me of myself =) I am sure you will find her. If you just focus on doing what you love the right person will come along and will be breathtaking in every way. I know what you mean by saying you're afraid, but when you meet the right person don't be afraid for a commitment. It will fill your life with joy and amazing experiences, but most of the time there will be a lot of struggles and it won't be easy, especially if the relationship is long distance as is the case with many gay couples these days.

    I hope you find her =) and when you do come here and tell us all about it.

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      Hi Joon, i will definitely tell you about her once i find her i just wish i do and thx for what u said it helps ;)

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  • i can relate to that cause i get that reaction all the time "you re way too pretty to be lesbian" and i hate that

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      wow they say that to you? thats so offensive and judgmental! some people have the impression that lesbians must be manly or else they're not really gay and are just doing it for "attention" or experimental purposes. cant stand these people.

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    wow, that's a nice story you have and i hope you find your true love soon

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