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what to do when you fall in love with a straight person?

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I really have big feelings for a friend of mine I've known her for 3 years and we are close she talks to me about her love life and how she is not happy and deep down inside me I know that I can give her everything she needs and I really want to make her happy but I don't know if I should take first step I am to scared of rejection and most of all losing her as mate don't know what to do

help anyone?

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    Join the club. I've gone through the same thing. In the end I decided not to tell her about my crush on her because I knew she wouldn't accept it. Now I regret not telling her and it's too late to say anything now.

    I think you should first ask her how she feels about same-sex relationships and if she isn't overly objecting or is showing signs of homophobia then just let her know. But first make sure you have nothing to lose, especially her friendship.

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    Donno why you guys even allow yourselves to fall for straight people in the 1st place. Straight folks don't just "turn" -.- same as we don't as well. But if you already had fallen in love with one then its time to fall out of love lol..because even f you manage to get them to like you it will never be as real since that is not how they were when you 1st started liking them they've changed in other words got "turned" XD and if i love somethinng i'd rather it stay the same way forever thats why falling for straight people is a bad idea when you know from the start that they are 100% straight. Try get distracted, meeet new people or just try avoid bumping into the person you're into and don't think of them much eventually you'l get over it.

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      you cant help who you fall for if i could control my heart i would turn it around and make it straight then life would not be so hard

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