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My World And Yours :)

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- I hate being gay , not because i cant come out , why would i come out in a world where i`ve no rights , nothing to ensure me living free as i am , wot ever i choose/be , Me , Drifting away from both worlds i`m totally stuck inside , creating myself a whole new world , My World , a place where i live , just being myself , not acting like girls as most gays think they r.... or most str8s think we r.. just a human , living to love and to be loved , dont you ever wonder , wot would have happened if you were str8? would you support gays or not ?

- This way we live differently from everyone else while , wait , we r all the same , str8 or not str8 ( MALES/FEMALES) , i know some of us r wondering , why r we hiding? we r not hiding , we r protecting ourselves from those so called humans.
- Being bisexual is your choice , even that i dont agree with bisexuality , sorry but you`re more like a pervert to me .... i`m not judging anyone , it`s just my opinion, try once to make up your mind for being bisexual or str8 or gay or wotever else ?
( If anyone felt offended , let me know , i apologize in advance )

> One last time asking myself to figure out my actual self if i`m gay or not , i just feel so stupid , but ... I am gay , and now i`ve to deal with it /
< dont tell me to come out , i dont want to , not for myself ... but for them ... my family , i cant stand them being harmed by my sexuality .. i just cant ... i would be responsible for their suffering out through this community ..... if i could take it all back , i would , that`s not being proud of wot i am , i just feel so selfish if i do so....

#Thank you all for listening ... or as someone told me once before , Reading. .


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