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Am i the one to fall ?

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Fell off my tree...
Found another world to be ,
where have the wind gone?
have i been dead this long!
or death is what i yet to hold.....
Such green leafs
landing on the grass ,
put up words to believe ...
even life , never meant to last!
Quiet humans
let off me to go?
i swear never thinking of you..
when all the RAINBOWS are doomed!!?
Forgotten world
Yes we do..
but i never knew
all , thus , to lay with a lie?
fall back in time!
remember the look on my eye
we are done with this fight ...
You`re the reason
i believe in
something i can`t be
or what else they`d see
Fell off my mind
felt so hard rather rough
even if i had a clue
well not for you...
would it be enough?
thus , shall my heart be tough
And i`ll never ever fall in love.


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