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what amazing feeling

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i am 36 years old egyptian gay >>>i am gay bottom since i am 12 yearsold
i was tried bottoming to male ,female,shemale,grouping
i feel that i wasnot happy at all
until 10 days ago ....i went directly to my mother told her that i am gay
i shocked that told me that she knows from my talking ,behavior,attitude,>...bla bla
only she told me i will help you,only give me time i will inform your father and your sisters>>only time...
2days ago,i came from outside ...i found my 2 sister infront of me hugs me ...and told me that they are happy for me ..they are proud by me to find me at last
today also my father told me that i can bring my gay friend to our home any time ...
really today i feel i am happy ..that nothing to be hide now

all my family support me now
i am the happiest one on the earth.


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