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Hi, i am hamza, 18 years old, i am GAY ,from Syria , but i live with my family in Saudi Arabia since i was 2 yrsold , planing to be an Architect, i am still in the closet, i hope someday my family accept me as i am , like u do guys , thank you for this site, it help me a lot.

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    Hi Hamza, I hope when you come out your family will be tolerant and understanding, I wish the same for me because I am not out to them either and I'm a few years older than you already ... not sure when is the right time to come out, or if I should at all.

    I'm also happy to be amongst people like you where I can be myself and not be worried about judgements.

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    Good luck! I really think you should move somewhere else though, Its much safer to be gay here in Cairo than to be gay in Saudi Arabia


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