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LGBTs and the revolution

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Hi all,
I've been searching around for such a forum, because I came to the point where I'm suffocating with the complexities of my life, and I really needed to share them with someone.

I come from Syria, have always stood up for LGBT rights, yet I have only discovered I was one recently.

I'm having real hard struggling with the change of my identity at the same time I'm having to struggle with the complexity of the situation in my country.

We've started a revolution, that turned out to become one of the most horrific and dirty wars in the region.

I'm still struggling to find my revolution among the chaos of the sectarian tension, Syrian regime's brutality, and Islamic groups that seem to have occupied it!

At the same time, I'm trying to deal with this new found sexual orientation at the same time I'm trying to cope with losing all my friends and family for several reasons related to the situation in my country.

I'm not planning to write my life story here, but I certainly want to discuss this issue with others living in the same troublesome circumstances that I live in.

How do you cope with finding out you're gay, in the 30s of your life, which is, in itself, away from society and all else is such a huge transforming event in your life, at the same time you seem to be overwhelmed with the tremendous changes in all of your belief and value system.

How would you care about LGBT rights at the time no one, no one at all seems to be getting their rights, not even the simplest human/civil rights in our region?

How, do you, actually, cope with the fact, that you are so different from all around you, to the extent you're even sexually different?

How do you care about coming out of the closet, when your people are being bullied, hungered and slaughtered?

How do you survive?

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    Darling! I really can't tell that I know how you feel! But I can imagine it! Because I'm openly gay and I know the discrimination the hater . . . etc What I can't imagine is how could bear that plus war! It's very sadly, Our prayers with you!
    All I can tell you is to stay strong! I think demanding with LGBT rights now is dangerous! I've no idea how is it going in your country! But in the Irani revolution! They killed about 4 thousands from LGBT rights members! So please Levant be careful my sweet friend! :) You're gay, it means you're strong! You're smiley and hopeful girl! :)) Someday wars will calm down! :) Good Luck & I'd like to hear from you always so I make sure you fine and well! Love & Peace to you :))

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    It took me a while to respond because I had to stop hopping around with excitement that I found another queer Syrian. I feel you, I understand you, bless.

    I'm in my mid-20s, living in the United States. I was raised here but Syria is all I live and breathe. I live my life in constant hope and pain.

    Our revolution is there. It is. My words feel cheap because I'm not even in Syria (I was there in March and I'm trying to go back asap). But even among the fighting, the sectarianism, and the continued disgusting brutality from the regime, our revolution lives on, in society and in ourselves.

    These changes are tumultuous. I understand your frustration with balancing LGBT rights during this time. The fact is, sometimes our identities are so interwoven that we can't disentangle one to focus on the other. A queer Syrian never stops being queer and never stops being Syrian, and above all both of those means loving life, no matter who tries to take that away from you.

    There are safe spaces to come out. To let all these woven threads of our lives be displayed at the same time. There's a big community of queer Syrians, always lingering under the surface.

    I'm sorry for rambling. I'd love to chat more, not just when my emotions are getting the best of me. Please feel free to contact me, either here or at my email, arabsest @

    Take care.

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