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I'm finding myself concerned..

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Or, it could be that I think that it's logical to be concerned.

I'm an atheist, pragmatic, logical to the degree that I hardly feel anything "or keeping emotions to the bare minimum". I never get angry, I hardly ever feel sympathy, etc.

So far, not an issue. It's just the way I am. Here is the deal though:

I'm an artist: painter and tattooist..I know it sounds controversial to state that I'm devoid of real emotions and still "have the nerve" to claim that I'm an artist but the thing is, I just understand the mathematics of beauty. I would think twice before I help someone who's hurting if his/her state is "beautiful". Because it's just that intriguing.

I'm also supposed to get married in few months. My fiancee', on the other hand, is an extremely emotional person with serious anger issues. How did we even end up together? she just liked me, which isn't a particular trait in my life. And I didn't want to end up alone-not that I mind it, it's just that some times I have needs "not just physical, but a co-dependent relationship seems like a requirement in all societies for public approval", and my guess is that she liked the image, she's younger than me with 3 years. Things were ok in the beginning, now they're simply not, which falls in the norm. I believe I need to feel emotional, towards anything, so I can apply it in the relationship "in case you wonder, ending it is not an option due to long complicated reasons"

Any ideas? affair? fake it? I'm open to suggestions. I wonder if my post makes sense to you.

  • If ending it isn't an option that makes things a bit difficult, but I suggest that you try to reconcile your relationship with her instead of faking it because if you do, it might be emotionally draining for you and it wouldn't feel very fair to her (plus she might sense that you're faking it, and it would create a very tense and awkward atmosphere in your home.)

    Is she the jealous type? Because if you both marry and she feels this way with you as well (that she's not happy or satisfied) and yet you have no choice but to stay with each other, perhaps an "open relationship" is the way to go? Where you have an agreement to see other people...

    Is this an option at all? Or do you feel she's completely loyal and committed, and happy to marry you?

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      First of all, thanks for the response. Is she the jealous type? incredibly so, but not because that she's completely loyal and "happy" to marry me, it's just that to her, I'm her property. I can fake it I mean I've been doing it for ages but you are right, it is taking too much effort I could use in different matters. However...I've never considered the open relationship option before "being not that much into relationships casual or committed" but I sense that it's worth the shot. Do you think I should propose the idea?

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