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Perfect Passion

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Fatima hold herself back, She couldn’t quite believe that she, Fatima, has just kissed Christina. She couldn't quite believe that it feels good to kiss her. She kissed, Christian, the married woman, and moreover Christina let her. In that moment she couldn’t deny anymore that she was attracted to her. Fatima looked around, she was stunned, and probably confused. Fatima was swooned and scared, all at once. She was only thinking of Christina's reaction, Fatima was deeply, and madly in love her.

The same confusion trapped Christina. Time seemed to stop. And, in the back of her mind she did realize that she was in loss, and in the depth of her heart she got a little of regret. She was married to a man, a good man. She was thinking, Peter is good at sex. But she never felt the same whenever they kissed. She never felt that passion, joyous before, with him. Christina had no idea who or what she was.

"I have to bounce" Christina said, he face features drew annoyance, apologizes, and confusion at the same time. She got a feeling of guilt over the kiss, guilt which annoyed her with thoughts of being betrayer. Apologies to Fatima, that she, Christina, can't give her what she wants. And confusion about her sexual orientation, and not knowing whether she really loves Fatima or not.

Fatima sat up and slowly approached Christina and kissed her one more time. After a few moments Fatima pulled away and looked at Christina. A look took Christina's breath away. It was a look of pure love and adoration. At that moment Christina realized exactly what she had almost thrown away; what a fool she had been. Christina realized that she is hundred percent lesbian, she realized that she have just fell in love with a Muslim lady.

But such a sensitive affair, is not acceptable in the middle eastern societies. Fatima and Christina had to run away, to be secure, to rescue their eternal love. They escaped to England. Now Christina is a professor in New Castle University. She loves to back after eight hours of work, and lay her head on Fatima's lab, and talk to her, to tell her what annoys her and what please her. Christina feel grateful for her female lover. She is grateful for her support, and encouragement. She remembers how Peter used to be dictator, and overwhelming. Men love to control women's free-well. Peter used to offend her dream of being the first Egyptian lady to win Nobel prize. But Fatima the other way around, she is very supportive, she always tells Christina that if she believed her dream, she will realize it. Fatima never tried to tear Christina down. And Christina never felt that Fatima is jealousy.

Fatima, is a dentist. She is doing good in her job, she always finds Christina beside her in need. She realized that no one is busy, it's all about priorities. So she never found Christina away, like other men, she was the first priority to her. Christina always make Fatima feels that she is safe, secure, and happy. Christina knows Fatima well, she understands her needs, her dilemmas, and her vicissitudes. Whenever Christina awarded for her researches, Fatima turn to be so much proud of her partner.

For Fatima, no man is compared to Christina. No man on earth, is capable to gave her Christina's passion, care, and support.

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    The opening scene reminded me with the plot of "Transparent" series, where a woman kisses another one, then leaves her good husband as well to follow her passion. But of course religion excluded. Nice one, keep it up!

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