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do you really help here or you just talk?

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I have so complicated problem with many aspects ... resulted in destroying my life and my hopes in future... that's because my family knew that i am homosexual... above that I studied a field which i hate, and my parents deprived me from being what i want to be and what i want to study abroad :( above nobody employ me for having many disconnected periods of works when i went to psychiatrists .... so I am workless now ... I've been in very slaying moments in this life ... so hard that a mountain wouldn't carry on this punishment....I once tried to suicide with antidepressants but luckily i survived .. but I survived for more pain .... more depression... and i am really down everyday .... trying to smile but as there's no hope or a way out ... :( ... I am 28 and feeling like i am 15 years inside , I am not feminine but a man externally and a boy internally who need love.....

do you only talk here or you really help? .

  • I understand why you would feel hopeless but you shouldn't. 28 is young enough to start completely from scratch and still live the life that you want to live. It's clear that no matter what you do, you will never please your family, especially now that they know about your homosexuality, so please leave them out of the picture in all major life decisions (I'm not suggesting you drop all contact, just that they're not a big factor in decision making.)

    Which field is it that you want to get into? What subject are you most passionate about? The best way to get over depression is to do what you love, even if you spent many years working towards that, it's fine if you have a job that you hate for a few years, as long as you collect every cent to invest in a better future for yourself.

    I know this doesn't help entirely much but unfortunately there aren't any easy shortcuts to this, I went through several years of depression for being in a very similar state, and for me it was a mental state. Not a physical one. I blamed my family, my country, my religion, everything, in the end the answer was with me all along. None of these things could change, but I could, and it saved my life.

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