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Stolen Kisses: A story of coming out

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The muggy morning, and the noise outside that resulted from building a new block, were the reason why Faris couldn't sleep. Besides waking up with a feeling of dizziness and bit of weariness. Faris didn't call his Mama. Perhaps because Faris is tough kid, or perhaps he heartily knows that his Mama won't give him a hand. But suddenly, the temperature of the breeze was raised, Faris felt he was being burned. He called Mama, falling into the trap of being the one who asked for help.

The Mama entered the room. Faris got out of his bed, about to tell that he feels so sick. Barely had he complete his sentence, he collapsed to the ground. His Mama approached him "I can't help you! It's god punishment, I can't interfere in God's plans. You are clobber. You deserve punishment" The Mama said shamelessly and firmly, and went out of the room.
And Faris fades to darkness.

Faris opened his eyes, founding himself in somebody's lap, and embraced by him. Before Faris could even recognize who it was, he was being kissed. The sweatiness of the kiss, the fullness of this moist lips. Faris hadn't to question who it was, this soporific kiss belongs to Shahid, these lips belong to Shahid. A pure kiss, had healed any discrimination Faris ever felt. He was, for a fraction of seconds, drenched in bath of enormous passion, safe, and peace. It is a rare rescuing kiss!
Back to dark.

Shapes moves about, a man's face appears, Faris don't know where is he? Moments and the picture was a bit clearer. It was his Baba, touching his forehead, and yelling at his mother with curses, calling her "Inhuman, and Heartless lady!" Then Faris was moved to the bed.
Back to dark again.

Faris opened his eyes. A fuzzy picture of his brother, soaking a piece of cloth into the ice, and putting it to Faris forehead. In addition to another body, Faris couldn't see him clearly, that person was probably his little sweet sister, holding Faris's hand, telling him that they're home, and calming him down that everything is going to be okay.
Faris fades back to darkness.

Faris standing in the middle of the room with his father. Faris tried to call his father, but his father didn't respond. It was minutes, till Faris found another image of him entering the home. Faris realized that he flew, with his mind, through the time barriers. Faris also remembers that day well.

Faris came from school, like a typical teenager, and went to change his clothes. While he was taking of his clothing, his Baba entered the room, and Faris was half-naked. Faris felt a shiver cold over his entire body, and he was astonished with what he have witnessed. The first was, a tear trapped in the corner of his Baba's eyes. A tear spoke out that he is going to do something great, and something is not pleasant at all. The second, was a thin stick with metal cap. Baby never beaten Faris, he used to beat his brothers, his Mama, but he never beaten Faris. He always forgive him, and never punished him for any mistake . . . . Faris knew that it wasn't easy to him. He knew that it took him much nerve to do it.

With the first swing, with the first meeting with the metal cap. Faris's skinny body couldn't withstand it, and fell to the ground. Faris remembers that the home fell silence as soon as he had fallen. Home was as quiet as the Egyptian, saharas, deserts. But Baba didn't stop, he went on his mission. He continued beating, swung with the stick, slapped with his hands, kicked with his feet. But the pain didn't last. Faris couldn't feel the hurt of his Baba's punches, kicks, lashes. Not because Baba stopped beating Faris – Wished so – instead Faris felt that his soul was pulled out of his body. He couldn't feel his body any longer. Faris bore in guilt to drive Baba to do so.
Faris sensed his Baba's sorrow, and regret, in each slab, kick, punch. Faris had seen the weakness, and apologizes in his Baba's gazes.

A deep darkness falls over everything, every harshness, every grieve, and every relic memory.


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