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A message in a tattoo

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Questioning myself; I know what I want, I want clarity; clear boundaries stop me from moving forward/around. I know it's a way full of obstacles and mismatches. Thinking, what I've been through was enough for me to pass by,and go..."And how sore it gets when I cross your way", me whispering to myself.

I had this inner feeling ,hopes,facts and paradoxes.An eye to see through, sixth sense and a thoughtful mind to feel your sorrow.I can't promise you with hapiness, everafter,but I promise you with genuineness.

I always knew what to show and what to hide,couldn't do that for the first time. You broke my walls and pressed me against them; free falling...shuffled me randomly like a game card, without seeing what it holds.

Your feelings are like an ECG signal,they show life but many doubts and potentials.Keeping me as an option; which I'd never carry on mind of being,was something I thought of,painfully. It was faster than a lightning-not exaggerating- when I saw through you what you're trying to kill.It's the nonsense killing me,I should have stopped long time ago,I always think to avoid,I always stay on the sidewalk... I stepped off, and now, I feel like an autistic child seeking for order... Long stripe of loneliness is hanging along,pictures on the walls,scents are flying, reddish like blood,bluish like agony... I know you more ,you see less,you guess,you never ask ,even when you answer,you answer the wrong question.... A tattoo mixed with your cords,meaningless,but the ink is talking. I couldn't stick neither leave,I rather write,distort the ink on your hands...I read your palm without you knowing.I read it well, and I was not there...


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