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Will it ever end?!

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Okay, I am just sick and tired of everything! I am tired of hiding, my sexuality is a huge part of me, and since I am from Egypt, I am being questioned why the heck don't I have a girlfriend! It's exhausting having to hide your sexuality all the time, live your life as if you're a guest star in a black comedy movie! will it ever end? Will we ever get the freedom and acceptance we deserve? I have been confused lately because of the pressure I am facing! I am confused about my sexuality, my family and my friends! sometimes I feel like I want to tell anyone who have known me all along and then tell them that I have always been gay and still I am the very same person they have known their entire life....

And the question still goes on... Will it ever end?!

  • 25-34_m_w_h1_f4

    i have exactly the same concerns. WILL IT EVER END? please someone tell us that it will because most days i just cant stand this theater anymore. i feel like this whole world is a rip off and a fake.

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  • 17-24_f_f_h3_f3

    Will it ever end? *sigh* probably not dear :-/ probably not..

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  • 12-16_m_w_h4_f1

    It did for me, Coming out for me wasn't easy since i did at such a young age here in egypt and as a Teenager i still have to put up with the same shit everyday but i got used to it and i met such great people and made such good friends its just so much easier once you stop caring, I don't think you should fully come out though because not everyone's a tough cookie and all environments have different reactions to it just make sure you have someone over there that knows that is by your side because i know what made this ten times easier for me is that i didn't feel like i have to go through it alone.

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