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complicated relationship

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Well hi everyone i am new here, and i am really interested to have a new open minded accepting friends. i also would like to share my relationship story cuz its quite complicated and i really need an advice.

First of all, i am a lesbian but i have a boyfriend who i don't have any feeling for, i thought i might be like him but i didn't after we were in relationship, anyway i had a crush on his bestfriend's girlfriend and then i am in love with her . i told her about how i feel and she told her boyfriend he seems accepting but idk it seems complicated as a three way relationship and also should i break up with my boyfriend?should i back off from her cuz of her bf? .

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    I responded to your other topic which is similar, but to answer your questions:

    1) YES. Break up with your boyfriend. You have no feelings for him. That is a clear enough sign that you need to end this.

    2) For now, I would say back up from her because she's in a relationship already. It's unlikely that she will want to jump from one relationship straight to the other. Just like you need your own space to think, so does she...

    How did she react to you telling her that you're in love with her?

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  • she was okay with it, oh and i know i thought the topic wasn't posted so i wrote it again bas both of the topics were posted now and i sound stupid and nonsense LOL

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    So you mean she is exchanging the same feelings with you ? If so then well, shes bi so its okay to have a bf and a gf as both are accepting it you know. I think you're in a good situation as it rarely happens that the bf is okay with it and the girl didnt make fun or you or rejected you. However i feel like theres no use of your bf at the moment xD I think he might get it that you dont even really like him so just get it over with before its too late and break things off nicely with him because its much better to come from you than from him after finding out you're with another girl cuz theres a chance he'll (its his bestfriend's gf you know) and he'll think you cheated on him or whatever so break it off before he finds out (unless he does xD)

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  • THAT WAS AWESOME thank you Delusions

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    back off from all

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