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Does it really makes us that different?

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Sex and sexuality are a big part of our live but the are not the only part! We are human beings , we eat , we drink , we sleep , we go to school , we study , we work , we have family and friends ... We basically as LGBT has the full life of any other straight person exept when it comes to choosing a partner ...

What i am asking is: does this aspect only (choosing a partner from the same sex) have this enormous impact on people to the point that they consider us extremely different from them and some even consider us possesed by demons or that we are against God's will ?! Is it really important?

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    hi my friend, i agree with you completely. we are not different. we are not better and we are not worse than anyone else. just normal. sadly, many people seem to disagree with this. it's not just about us as a gay community. but it's also about other religions and nationalities. it seems to be more normal to judge others based on faith and race or sexuality. i'd like to think that the majority dont do this but sometimes i doubt it. makes me feel lost about the state of our societies today.

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    in a community that defines humans by their "organs", where the purpose of every woman to have a husband and every male is to have a child.. then it's pretty normal that they take the 'partner' issue and enlarge it so it consumes every brain cell of theirs, it's disgusting, but we need to stop being startled by this fact and just hope that one day they'll know that life isnt just sex !! *fingers crossed*

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