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Mean Gays/Lesbians

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I wanted to discuss this topic with you guys,

It's often been said that gays are mean to girls and vice versa
and I came to encounter that in my college life, We had this professor that been often pointed at as a gay (I won't say he admitted it and came out of course cause he'd probably be in jail if so happened here) but let's just say people knew, and what mostly got him this label (& I hate labels to be clear) is his way for treating students. He's really nice when it comes to dealing with male students and turn a blind eye on their rudeness and comments while when treating female students he becomes a real meanie and keeps kicking them out of class and threatening with marks deduction and so on till some are made crying.

I know that some have turned this way because of their hate to the other gender who has probably harmed them in the past, but it's still not fair to judge and treat everyone the way that one or two who harmed you should be treated, after all we are all individuals, this is the way I personally think therefore I'm quiet close to both genders.

How about you? and what is your thoughts about this matter?

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    hm i donno i never really thought about it before but now that you got me thinking about it i recall knowing few lesbian girls that are always avoiding straight guys or guys in general but i do get where some of them come from as most guys want something that lesbians not interested in but they are so nice with gay guys perhaps cuz they feel safer with them than straight ones? i dont know but gay guys being mean to girls this i never really noticed before in fact i find them always opening up more to girls in general than other guys..i'll start to keep an eye for these stuff frm now on :p

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  • Yeah, it's pretty much a stereo typical thing, i know a gay asian celeb that is know for being mean to girls too.. i'm not sure though if whether that's just an act cause he belong to the comedian category.
    Hehe u do that x)

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  • 17-24_m_b_h2_f4

    i dunno abt this rly .. i'd take a girl's side in any confrontation, mostly because i know how guys think, and most of the time their thoughts r buncha nonsense .

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  • Maybe you go by your own logic while the example I'm mentioned go by their emotions?! we are all individuals after all =)

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